How to Create a Support Community

by Sarah Breidenbach

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Showing up to life means believing in our optimal performance and activating it. Showing up can be ignited and sustained by outside support. Who is that person or group of people who strive for their best and remind you of your greatest capacity?

In wellness initiatives, solo missions mean nobody to report to and nobody to compete with. This makes it easy to say, “There is always tomorrow.” Who asks you why you weren’t in yoga class this week? Who will notice if you choose fruit over a croissant for breakfast? We’re not talking about an invisible Santa Clause, who counts up your good deeds and bad deeds. Our daily decisions are neither good nor bad, but they do move us towards or away from our optimal health. With some form of accountability outside of ourselves, we are asked to show up and step into our full potential and power.

Find one person who will join you in a mission to drink less alcohol, eat less sugar or exercise more. Find one person to share your vision with or announce your 5-year plan to. Grow this one person to more people who share the same interests. Create your community out of those closest to you or access an online connection. Even the greatest of heroes and athletes need a community of people to push back when they grow tired or indifferent.

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