Good Sleep Tips for a Healthy Mind

by Sarah Breidenbach

It’s no mystery that good sleep is priceless. Brain function and one's emotional stability in responding to work and life stress depends on adequate sleep. What can be challenging is how to find a natural antidote to insomnia when it arises. Many business professionals in Hong Kong suffer from jet lag and stress, a sure obstacle to deep sleep. Pharmaceutical options can be fast solutions, but they can also cause drowsiness the next day when you need a sharp mind for work.

A good night’s sleep begins with what you do before you sleep. A consistent routine can signal sleep to the body, and daily ritual is a great way to communicate this. The ritual should be your own, but it will work best if you do it every night. A consistent ritual trains the body to produce melatonin and prepare to sleep. Imagine life before electricity when our bodies were prepared by the setting of the sun. We have to enact new ways of turning down the volume. Some well-known favorites are listed below. Choose one and try it for one week.

  • Electronic Bed Time 10:00pm: Turn off all electronic devices to enable your mind to turn off. Interrupt the automatic checking for new messages which keeps the body on alert.

  • Warm Shower: Relax your tight muscles after a long day at work. Let the water remove any residual stress or tension.

  • Hot Herbal Tea: The soothing aroma and warmth of a non-caffeinated tea will calm your mind and your body. Wrapping your hand around a warm cup has also been proven to change the nervous system.

  • Reading for Pleasure: Choose something that relaxes your mind instead of stimulating it with work or news.

  • Seated Mindfulness Meditation (10 minutes): Clear your mind from the noise of the day. Soften the senses by observing them. Prepare your body for a restful sleep.

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